Simple Mobile Upgrade To Verizon Network Now Available

All dealers have been granted access to SIMPLE Mobile Network Improvements. In this email, you’ll learn how to switch your eligible customers to the Verizon Network.

Dealer Benefits:

  • Dealers will earn a $9.00 spiff for each eligible customer switched successfully.

  • Dealers will also be able to provide valued feedback to TracFone Dealer Support regarding your experience.

Eligible Customers Get:

  • An upgrade to the reliable Verizon Network and a free service plan PIN added to their account.

  • All the same plan, benefits, value, and billing due date.

Important to Know:

  • Customers will receive an SMS with the 5-digit code on the TMO SIM

  • Port can take up to 15 minutes

  • A power cycle is required after the port completion

  • Any important voicemails should be saved

  • The voicemail box will need to be re-established

Check Eligibility & Switch Networks

Assist your eligible customers on the TFDAP Portal - it’s fast and easy - here’s how:

(1) Login and Click Subscriber Lookup (2) Click “Start Network Improvement” shown for eligible customers (3) Enter a new Verizon SIM Card and submit

Be sure to have SIMPLE Mobile SIM cards for the Verizon network in stock. These SIM Cards start with 891***** and are available on the T-CETRA Marketplace.